Lattice Health Systems provides a bridge between health devices used by patients and applications that visualize / analyze device data. We simplify the collection of health device data and make it easily accessible through our HIPAA digital health platform as a service. Health device manufacturers can use our device-agnostic platform to make their device data available in the cloud. Health care application vendors have a single interface for all their health device data needs. We take care of our customers so that they can wow theirs.

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Our Digital Health Platform as a Service

Streamline your development by building your healthcare solution on our flexible platform.

“Zero programming” to add new health IoT devices, including wearables. Our solution overcomes the lack of standards.

Lattice Health Systems platform supports all your health device needs:

  • Device interoperability
  • Device management
  • Secure cloud data storage and communications
  • HIPAA compliance

and improves the patient experience at the same time.

Once supported by the our platform, devices can simply be integrated with others in the healthcare ecosystem.


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